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Case Study: Monochrome RPG - A Journey from Concept to Community Impact

Monochrome RPG is a punstoppable 1920s cartoon-styled adventure game. In partnership with the Monochrome Workshop, a collective of talented artists and musicians, plus Microsoft’s ID@Xboxthe game exemplifies a unique blend of humor, narrative, and artistic design.


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The challenge was to create an engaging narrative game that not only captivates gamers but also serves as a platform for budding game developers to learn and grow. The game needed to resonate with PC/Mac gamers aged 21-27, ensuring commercial viability while providing a collaborative learning experience.

Developing programmer Development Website design and coding technologies


DVNC’s Courses Made For You played a pivotal role in transforming Monochrome RPG from a mere concept into a thriving educational tool. Our team focused on these key areas:

Educational Integration

Leveraging the game development process as a learning platform for over 200 artists, animators, designers, and writers.

Community Engagement

Creating a collaborative environment where participants could contribute to a real-world project, gaining invaluable industry experience.

Technical Development

Supporting the technical aspects of game development, ensuring a seamless integration of narrative, gameplay, and art style.




Monochrome RPG stands as a testament to the power of collaborative learning and the fusion of creative gaming with educational objectives. Courses Made For You has not only contributed to the game’s development but has also paved the way for aspiring game developers to launch successful careers in the industry. This project exemplifies our commitment to bridging talent, creativity, and opportunity.

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