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Kukua Institute

Case Study: Catalyzing Entrepreneurial Success at Kukua Institute

Kukua Institute, a Florida-based non-profit dedicated to mentoring entrepreneurs, partnered with us to enhance their program’s impact. Our collaboration focused on launching multiple cohorts and refining their educational framework to better support over 150 entrepreneurs.


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Kukua Institute faced several challenges:

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Our approach encompassed several strategic initiatives:

Pipeline Development for Initial Cohort:

Designed a pipeline strategy to form the first cohort of over 25 entrepreneurs, ensuring comprehensive support through private coaching.

Training Expansion for Organizational Scale:

Facilitated the training of 5+ additional trainers, enhancing the organization's ability to provide scalable and quality mentorship.

Retention and Outcome Enhancement:

Developed custom processes and language to improve the retention rate and success outcomes for the later participating 125+ founders.

Curriculum Optimization with Modern Tools:

Revamped the existing curriculum to incorporate modern tools such as AI and No-Code platforms, ensuring the program remains relevant and cutting-edge.

Post-Program Support Framework:

Compiled a robust lineup of tools and supporting processes to guide founders even after completing the program, fostering long-term success.


Our collaboration with Kukua Institute yielded remarkable results:

Developing programmer Development Website design and coding technologies


Our partnership with Kukua Institute exemplifies the transformative impact of strategic planning, curriculum development, and mentorship expansion in fostering entrepreneurial success. The institute's ability to launch multiple successful cohorts and enhance its program offerings underscores the efficacy of our collaborative efforts. We're proud to have played a role in shaping the journeys of over 150 entrepreneurs and look forward to seeing their continued growth and success.

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