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Case Study: Empowering Level Up Philly with Transformative Digital Solutions

Level Up Philly, a Philadelphia-based non-profit organization focused on youth mentoring, faced challenges in expanding its impact and securing necessary funding. Partnering with our team, they embarked on a journey of digital transformation, leading to $650,000 in funding and enhanced educational opportunities for their learners.


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Before our intervention, Level Up Philly struggled with:

Developing programmer Development Website design and coding technologies


Our comprehensive digital strategy encompassed several key initiatives:

Website Revamp and Security Enhancement:

- We overhauled Level Up Philly's website, modernizing the design and user experience.
- Implemented robust security measures, particularly in the donation pipeline, to foster donor confidence.

Launching Level Up Academy:

-Facilitated the launch of Level Up Academy, attracting 50-100 learners on Wednesday academy days.
-Developed a curriculum tailored to the interests and needs of the youth, incorporating contemporary topics and learning methods.

Engaging Youth with VR Technology:

- Introduced VR showcases during their Thursday social sessions, significantly boosting engagement among the 700+ youths.

Optimizing Donation Pipeline:

Created a streamlined donation process, resulting in a 100% ROI within just two months.

Enhancing Online Presence:

- Boosted the visibility of Level Up Philly’s activities through blogs and media-rich website sections, highlighting their impact and stories.

Innovating with Metaverse Classes:

- Initiated metaverse classes, enabling students to learn from remote instructors in an immersive, interactive environment.

Developing the Level Up Academy Course Platform:

- Currently building an online platform to facilitate remote access to classes, further enhancing the learning experience for Philly youth.


Our collaborative efforts with Level Up Philly led to remarkable achievements:

Developing programmer Development Website design and coding technologies


Our partnership with Level Up Philly demonstrates the power of digital innovation in transforming non-profit organizations. By embracing technology and digital solutions, Level Up Philly has not only secured substantial funding but has also significantly expanded its ability to empower and educate the youth of Philadelphia. We look forward to continuing our support and witnessing the further growth and success of Level Up Philly and its commendable initiatives.

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