If you, your team, or your organization need to grow educational pipelines to serve your audience it’ll take deviantly delicious ideas and a village of talent. Meet DVNC’s Courses Made For You (CMFY, pronounced comfy).

Who We’ve Worked With

We partner with visionary leaders of early-stage, education-focused organizations who are dedicated to nurturing diverse talent. Together, we grow awareness, seek to secure funding, attract learners, and develop enduring programs that benefit individuals and their communities.

Level Up Philly

$650,000+ Raised


$100,000+ Raised

Metro Esports

Kukua Institute

Community Impact With Education

Facing challenges with funding, personnel, and marketing can divert your focus from what truly matters empowering learners.

Team up with DVNC, and adopt our CMFY framework. You’ll access branding, funding, and admin tools while setting the stage for launching educational initiatives that resonate with your community. 

Who We Are

DVNC leverages digital media to shape future tech leaders, evolving from VR and empathy games with partnerships with entities like Microsoft’s ID@Xbox. Our aim is to enable careers in media, technology, AI, and more, bridging systemic gaps and fostering generational wealth within often marginalized communities.

What we do

DVNC addresses the neglect in educational ecosystems—marked by insufficient funds and development—by understanding its consequences like economic disparities and societal issues.

We see the personal impact on individuals, such as dropout rates and job market disconnection. By combining technology, AI, and human experience, DVNC collaborates with experts to streamline content creation, transforming weeks of work into hours. Our mission goes beyond improving education; we aim to redefine how individuals realize their potential, positively affecting community outcomes thus bridging systemic gaps.

Quality, Speed, and Impact All in one

DVNC integrates pioneering technology and agile methodologies to fast-track the creation of impactful educational programs, ensuring rapid delivery without compromising on the transformative outcomes for communities and individuals alike.

By focusing on quality, speed, and impact, DVNC crafts educational initiatives that bridge systemic gaps, empowering learners and communities with the skills and knowledge for a brighter future. Our approach accelerates progress, ensuring timely solutions to urgent educational needs.

Our commitment to excellence in education means combining rapid development with deep community engagement and innovative teaching methods. This blend guarantees not only immediate results but also long-lasting impact, setting a new standard for educational initiatives.

Where We’ve Volunteered

DVNC champions community service, volunteering at tech hubs and schools to inspire the next generation of innovators and leaders.

outcomes we've supported

Driving transformative change, DVNC has catalyzed substantial fundraising and developed programs that uplift learners and communities alike.

Level Up Philly Academy

Collaborated for immersive VR experiences, educating 60+ young digital media enthusiasts, and significantly contributing to a $600,000+ grant.


Assisted in securing a $100,000 grant and provided 12 week educational program design and development, benefiting 70+ learners aged 18-80.

Black Founder Program

Supported the launch of the Blacks in Technology Business Accelerators, aiding over 100 founders in business model development and validation.

Custom Educational Program Design

Like developing the “Monochrome RPG,” a game with 60,000+ fans, powered by the Monochrome Workshop a group of 300+ entry-level game development learners and partnered with Microsoft’s ID@Xbox.

Upcoming Edu-Initiatives We Support

My Brain & Me

Dr. Ras’s “My Brain & Me” is an immersive 30-day journey integrating neurology with STREAM concepts, designed to inspire young minds and expose them to the marvels of neurology. 

How to get started

QUICK NOTE: DUE TO HIGH DEMAND We're AT capacity for new partners. Please join the waitlist below to be notified when we're free to help your educational initiative.


Fundraisinging Foundation

Level 0

$5,000/per project

$15,000 Fundraise Prep

Funding Model
Funding Plan
Funding Story
Funding Proposals

Operational Organization

Level 1

$10,000/per project

$50,000 Fundraise Prep

Everything in Level 0
Grant Proposal
Donor Messaging
Social & Email Strategy
Educational MVP

Educational Excellence

Level 2

$15,000+/per project

Educational Programming

Program Design
Custom Curriculum
Launch & Maintenance
Evaluation & Report
Continuance Strategy

Our Guarantees

Performance Based

No costs to you until we achieve outcomes aligned with your goals for community impact and educational success.

Business Alignment

We kickoff with an intake interview to ensure our strategies resonate with your mission, vision, and operational objectives.

Partner Networking

You'll be given access to our network of educational, technological, and funding partners to amplify your efforts.

How we Work

Impact Clarity

Clear, measurable goals to demonstrate the real-world impact of your educational initiatives.

Financial Model

Sustainable financial planning tailored to secure and maximize your educational funding.

Payment Form

Flexible payment solutions designed to align with your project's scope and budget.

Landing Page

Creation of compelling landing pages to showcase your mission and attract support.

MVP Launch

Rapid development and launch of Minimum Viable Product to kickstart your educational program.


Strategic marketing plans to elevate your visibility and engage with your target audience.

Need Funding for Community Impact?

Ready to drive innovative outcomes?

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DVNC Tech LLC began in 2018 as a game studio and has evolved into an educational media agency amplifying diverse entry-level digital talent to fix demographic gaps in tech and media industries.

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